The ethical principles that define my work philosophy are represented by a set of ideas, concepts and values that I have decided to choose and privilege in the face of the challenged cast before me in every new experience.

In an effort to illustrate the way these principles are transferred to the educational practice, I am going to provide the following example:
I would never - ever - be able to accept failure when referring to the achievement of an objective.
I would be unable to accept failure for various reasons: my capacity for work, and the experience, knowledge and methods I have established to go about my task are some of these.
But there is one reason that more exactly describes my inability to accept failure: if the success of a team is the result of a set of actions which it is possible to affect, plan and develop, then this is the only objective my educational activity is able to accept.

It is widely accepted that fulfilment of a personal goal is the result of a well-planned undertaking developed with good judgement, which would, however, be useless without the dedication and personal effort contributed by each player.
But it is also worth noting that fulfilling a goal is only possible if we have set our hearts on it from the start.
This is why I say success is within reach of each individual, but belongs only to those who have decided to appropriate it, long before they ever took their first step.

The ideas and procedures I employ in practice are focused on determining the truth of each player, what he required in order to bring out his best response: to optimise the resources he has already acquired, but also to build those as yet lacking and thus broaden his own limits and potential as a player.

The entire educational experience I am proposing is not aimed solely at training our football players' physical capacities and qualities, techniques or tactics, despite the great significance all of these may have, but also at concurrently building concepts, attitudes and habits that will allow them to put into practice these capacities and qualities with good judgement and authority, at the level required by the high competition.

This is precisely my purpose seek to achieve: to work without restrictions or conditions towards the sports success of those who have not as yet achieved it.
To put it differently, to work towards the happiness of those who make up their minds they want to be a part of it.

Prof. Roberto A. Rodrigo | Football Coach