The experience of Argentine football analysed as an end product, or in other words, as a performance recognised today the world over, has been established on the basis of the work conducted by its most responsible coaches, a richly varied field of ideas, concepts and working methods, the efficiency of which has been proved not least by the titles obtained in the different categories of the Argentine National Team.

The international achievements by different Argentine clubs, the large number of devoted players in the most competitive leagues in the world, and the example of so many youth and even child players, who year after year are purchased by European clubs, are part of the success of these methods, and of the validity of a particular vision of football.

I believe that much of the international recognition towards Argentine football today is due largely to its history, to the care given to its style, and the place football holds in our culture, a place of absolute privilege, no doubt, where football thrives, is practiced, shared and transformed.
And this recognition, if I may say so, is likewise due to the instruction model proposed by the most honest of football coaches in Argentina, throughout the course of its history.

I hold to the still compelling ideas of those maestros, as well as to the ideas of those who have today learnt to transform and modify whatever was required.
I hold, in all cases, to their great passion, their capacity for work, research, creativity and determination, for each of them have known how to choose and model what was necessary in each of their players.

Football practice and teaching in Argentina have imbued their own society with a style, in watching, feeling and playing football.
The very style I put into practice in every new process of work.

Prof. Roberto A. Rodrigo | Football Coach